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    Since its establishment, NEWPWR has been committed to protecting the industrial safety of automation systems in the metallurgical industry for a long time. For the metallurgical industry, we have successively developed products such as isolators, distributors, temperature transmitters, isolated safety barriers, surge protectors, etc., providing users with one-stop solutions for explosion-proof, lightning protection, anti-interference, etc. We have become the main supplier of front-end module instruments in the domestic metallurgical industry and have long served as supporting equipment for major metallurgical process sections in China.

    NEWPWR products have been steadily operating in the metallurgical industry for over a decade, successfully applied in steel and non-ferrous metal smelting and processing equipment such as blast furnaces, converters, sintering, coking, industrial furnaces, heating furnaces, oxygen machines, alumina, copper smelting, etc. They have been successfully applied in domestic metallurgical enterprises such as Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Baosteel, Laiwu steel , Meishan steel, Ansteel, Xinye Steel, Sha-steel, and Nangang, providing them with comprehensive industrial safety solutions.

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