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Diversified and Climbing to a New High: Memory for 2022

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This year, Newpwr people advancing in diversity and reaching new heights;

This year,Newpwr people cherished their dreams, manufactured them with digital inserts;

This year,Newpwr people efficient operation, maintaining unique tension and advancing pace;

2023, Newpwr people who cross the cold winter and bathe in warm sunshine are heading towards the "Star Sea".

Heading Against the Wind and Ensuring Growth

In 2022, in the face of severe epidemic, market, supply chain, and production pressure,Newpwr  Electric completed 1.3181 million instrument shipments, with a contract amount of 266 million yuan. It has maintained a rapid growth in six consecutive years.


The software and automation project implementation of Newpwr Automation were also severely affected by the epidemic, but still achieved smooth delivery of 95% of the projects.

Instruments and the digital industry with a total contract value reaching a new high of 350 million yuan.


Carrying Honor and Continuing to Rise

In July 2022, Newpwr Electric Technology, together with Huawei, Lenovo and other six enterprises, won the "Enterprise Digital transformation and Security Capability Improvement Training Base" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, and won industrial Internet benchmarking factory in Jiangsu Province, intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory in Jiangsu Province, etc


In December, it jointly applied with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and was approved as the "Key Laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making and Digital Operation" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Newpwr Automation was awarded the Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Service Agency, the Nanjing Gazelle Enterprise, the New STAR Time Contribution Award in Jiangning Development Zone, and the Nanjing "Intelligent Transformation and Digital transformation" Training Base.

Breakthrough in research and development, laying a solid foundation

Throughout 2022 , Newpwr Electric is dedicated to instrument research and development, with strong internal skills, launching new products covering 4 major categories and 18 sub series, and upgrading the entire series of products with "quality". With higher reliability and more stable, it has won over ten thousand large orders for single projects in industries such as petrochemical, polysilicon, and nuclear power.

The first internationally launched high-precision intelligent process calibration instrument dedicated to intelligent production lines, with output and measurement functions covering various thermal signals such as voltage, current, thermocouple, resistance, etc. All technical parameter have been recognized by national level measurement and testing institutions.

Newpwr Automation has deeply optimized the GenoAny industrial internet platform and upgraded low code industrial software such as PDM, MES, WMS, BI, APS, etc. The product performance, functionality, stability, and convenience have been greatly improved, enabling lightweight cloud and local privatization deployment. At the same time, more than ten important projects have been successfully delivered.

Social responsibility, responsible and promising

Chairman Jian Dong was invited to deliver 27 presentations on intelligent manufacturing, participated in 21 project reviews, evaluations, and acceptances related to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, provinces, and cities, and was awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Worker" by the China Instrumentation and control Society.

Newpwr As a national standard demonstration and verification factory for intelligent manufacturing, it has received 218 enterprises and 2207 people from aerospace, weaponry, Midea, OPPO, etc. who visited and communicated with each other, and received 6 interviews from Nanjing Daily and other media.

Let the cold winter have a special temperature

In mid December, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caused staff around us to continuously infect and fall, and the positive rate of the company was 10%, 20%, 50% within a few days

The company leader has prepared drug medication for employees in need, such as EVE Antipyretic , Ibuprofen granules and COVID-19 oral paxlovid.


In this cold winter, the news from the company warms the hearts of staffs every day.


Colorful culture, illuminating life


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